10 Ways to Be Motivated After A Breakup

The fact that you cannot know love until you risk a heartbreak is arguably the saddest reality you will ever have to face. This is because breakups are real, and when they do come, the can easily leave your world upside down.

That’s not to scare you, but to prepare you for what you will have to risk.

When that break up strikes, the one thing you don’t want to lose is the motivation to carry on and lead a happy and successful life.

Here are 10 ways to see to it that you retain your good spirits and soar even higher:

1. Delete Your Ex From the Equation

It’s natural to want to keep tabs on your ex but it will not do you any good. It is in your best interests that you leave for good and shut all doors that might allow contact or communication of any kind, at least until you heal. That means you will want to delete and unfollow them on any social media you were connected and avoid stalking.

2. Grieve Properly

After shutting your ex out, you’ll definitely be crushing from the inside. At this moment you should just allow yourself to grieve, and even break down if you have to. Just dedicate some good time to do one good cry, once and for all.

3. Seek Support Elsewhere

There’s no denying that your ex has left a void, whether it is a source of inspiration, support or motivation. Filling the void is crucial to your success and the good thing with it is that you can get it elsewhere. Just find a close friend or relative to confide in and you will be good to go.

4. Take a Day at a Time

Even with the support you may get, life might get overwhelming and especially so if you look at it in its entirety. You have a love life to fix, probably a long life to lead. Taking one day after the other is the key; before you know it you will have it all together.

5. Keep Love Hopes Alive

The rule is that you shouldn’t rush into a relationship immediately after a breakup, but that doesn’t bar you from visualizing and preparing for some greater love life. This will spark your motivation to do everything that could make this greater love possible in the near future.

6. Vow to Become Even Better

Now that you are already putting your past relationship behind, looking forward to a better version of yourself and a much better lover will do your life wonders. Just promise yourself that you are upgrading, believe it and step out to work on it every other day.

7. Stay Busy

You’ll have two reasons to keep yourself busy: one to build a richer life for yourself and two, to prepare for a better and more fulfilling love life.

8. Exercise More

Yes, you read that right. Exercise more. You might wonder why you need it now after all the exhaustion. The thing is, exercising helps you to relax and get your act together. Besides, it helps you focus on yourself, reflect and in the end set you back onto accomplishing tasks.

9. Build a New Routine

Your schedule was filled up when you were still together but now that you are not together anymore you have all this free time that you probably don’t know what to do with. Get all that time and fill half of it with activities you love; hiking, singing or any other thing you enjoy doing. Use the other half for productive purposes and get yourself closer to your goals.

10. Try Something New

After a long time trying or wondering how you will ever get the time to start your new language or piano classes, here, you have all the time now. Go right ahead and try that thing you waited so long to do.


Although a breakup does not necessarily mean you were not good enough, reinventing yourself to unleash your best version is certainly something you will want to do.

Source: lunaiah.com
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